Who Shot JFK?


 To me, the controversy about what actually happened on November 22, 1963 is serious business. Conversely, I found the all the wild speculation about who shot the fictional character J.R. Ewing was an incredible waste of time. Although Larry Hagman brought so much to the part, I never cared for any of the characters or plot on the Dallas show. I wasn’t even curious about who shot JR. I merely assumed many people did want to shoot him and the guilty person was nothing but an incompetent boob because, in the end, JR survived.

 Yet during my research when doing a book on how the assassination affected Dallas, several Dallas residents told me that people from around the world spoke to them about the JR shooting when they were found to be from Dallas. Years earlier Dallas residents were verbally assaulted everywhere they went because they were scapegoated for the killing of JFK. After JR, the mystery surrounding JFK’s assassination was pushed aside for a time.

 Those of us who believe there was a conspiracy to kill President Kennedy are labeled as paranoid kooks. Yet no one found it odd when millions of people obsessed about who shot a fictional character to the point of forgetting history. After all what happened in Dallas on November 22, 1963 was a real, not staged, event.

 Let me say that there are many kooks and opportunists pushing wild theories about what happened to President Kennedy. However, that doesn’t mean that all research into the assassination is not credible and the rantings of greedy people wanting to make a buck off a tragedy. On the other hand, there is a power structure that has done nothing to help figure out exactly what happened in Dallas in 1963. That power structure is the so-called mainstream media.


 In 1963, there was no cable and national television consisted of CBS, NBC, and ABC. These three networks would congratulate themselves for their coverage from the time the President was shot until his burial. The networks suspended their regular programing and gave the country non-stop coverage. And the country needed it. Americans were shocked and scared and that TV presence had a comforting and unifying affect.

 However, the media’s performance was mixed at best. One particular area where it failed was its reporting on Lee Oswald.

 In the immediate shock of the assassination there was one obvious question: Who could have done such a thing? It was a Communist. Yeah, we all know how bad those people are.

 At one time CBS reported that Oswald was Chairman of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee. Oswald was the only member of the New Orleans chapter of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee. Chairman was not a title he ever had in any form for any organization, left-leaning or not.

 What the media did accurately report was that Lee Oswald passed out pro-Castro leaflets on the streets of New Orleans during August 1963. He was confronted by some angry ant-Castro Cubans and a scuffle ensued. Oswald was arrested for disturbing the peace and was later interviewed by the New Orleans media.

 But did this make Oswald a political extremist? The leaflets said very little. The only contact information listed was a post office box that was fake by accident or design. Just what was the point of this political activity?

 And what about the Fair Play for Cuba Committee? Did it advocate political violence? Did it influence political debate in any serious way? Was it in any way a threat to national security? The one thing that is known is that organization’s headquarters in New York tried to discourage Oswald from forming a New Orleans chapter because of that city’s prevailing conservative and anti-Castro bents. Otherwise the media never concerned itself with the exact nature of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee. It did report that Oswald’s connection with it was an indication of its guilt.

 So are we supposed to believe that Oswald killed Kennedy because he held unpopular political beliefs? Did he even truly hold those beliefs?

 I can respect any person’s belief that Oswald acted alone if that person believes the physical evidence supports that view. But if you if base your belief on the alleged fact that Oswald was a Communist or even a Castro-lover, you’ve lost me.


 The mainstream media. It pushed this reactionary nonsense. It should stick to covering who shot JR. That’s about their speed.