Shut Up, Chris Matthews One thing anyone can count on from the main stream media is biased reporting on the John Kennedy assassination. They mock researchers as kooks, buffs and con artists. Then the public is told that Lee Oswald was the lone killer of President Kennedy. Mainstream reporters have to do this. Their careers depend on it. Surprisingly, some may even believe what they report. The biggest mouth piece for Oswald did it alone belief is MS-NBC’s Chris Matthews. Even suggest that someone other than, or in addition to Oswald was in on the assassination, and Chris Matthews will have a conniption. I swear it looks like the veins on his neck will burst when he goes into one of his tirades. He truly lost it when Donald Trump intimated that Senator Ted Cruz’s father can be seen in a photo with Lee Oswald and thus may have had a connection to the crime. Of course this is true Trump nonsense. There is a photo of John Wayne when he visited the troops. Lee Oswald can be seen in the background. No one has ever suggested that John Wayne had anything to do with the assassination of President Kennedy. Otherwise, there is no evidence that Cruz’s father had anything to do with this tragic event. One question should have been asked of Trump: If you truly believe there was a conspiracy to kill John Kennedy, would you, if elected president, order the Justice Department to re-open the case and investigate the crime? I never heard this asked and I never heard of Chris Matthews asking it. Meanwhile Trump moved on to next news cycle and clinched the Republican Party’s presidential nomination. Matthews should have known that this was nothing but Trump shooting off his idiot mouth. Instead Matthews went into one of his conniptions on his show Hard Ball, ranting that Lee Oswald killed Kennedy because he, Oswald, was fascinated by Fidel Castro. Now it is true that Lee Oswald passed out pro-Castro leaflets in New Orleans in early August 1963. The leaflet read as such: HANDS OFF CUBA! JOIN FAIR PLAY FOR CUBA COMMITTEE NEW ORLEANS CHARTER MEMBER BRANCH FREE LITERATURE, LECTURES EVERYONE WELCOME! Many people were and are offended by the politics behind this leaflet. However, the language is extremely tame especially when compared to the tone of the 2016 campaign. Threats were not made. Violence was not advocated. This hardly points a damning finger at Oswald even if his views certainly were outside the political mainstream in 1963. If those were even his real views, and that point is debatable. Additionally, Oswald was outnumbered by the hatred held for Kennedy by anti-Castro Cubans. Gerry Patrick Hemming was an ex-Marine who knew Oswald and worked with anti-Castro Cubans in the early 1960’s. Hemming was asked once if he was offered money to kill Kennedy. “Directly, on numerous occasions,” Hemming replied. Hemming stated that the rationale was that why kill the Communist in Cuba when you should kill the Communist in the White House? Hemming has had his detractors, but even if he was telling the truth here, that alone proves nothing. However, there were many others more dangerous and angrier than Oswald who had a stronger motive for killing President Kennedy. And they made their anger known with threats. Oswald never verbally threatened anyone or at least he was never heard to make any bitter remarks about Kennedy. Another strange aside to this matter is that Matthews once worked for Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill. Former Kennedy aide Kenny O’Donnell told O’Neill that he thought shots came from in front of Kennedy which points the blame away from Oswald. O’Donnell had been riding in the mortal motorcade behind the president. He testified differently to the Warren Commission because of political pressure. Yet Matthews, for some reason, felt he had to refute Trump and tell the country that Oswald was a violent political extremist. What about what O’Donnell told his old boss O’Neill? For all I know Oswald did it and did it alone. I am open to that possibility. But his so-called fascination of Fidel Castro is nothing but a red herring. You have to do better than this, Chris, especially when it comes to a motive. The Matthews tirade was just that: a tirade. Again it proves that the mainstream has no credibility when it comes to reporting on this historical event. In fact, this reporting has been biased, sloppy and damaging to the country. The Matthews temper tantrum was nothing but warmed over propaganda. So there is only one thing left to say: Shut up, Chris Matthews. Just shut up.